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                                  A new space

Gentle Wind - Daniele Butturini

This section is actually more of a wish . The fact that the series The Writer's Whisper may also include a moment of meeting with other independent authors, who want to " associate " in some way.

I really believe that the creation of a " pole " of non-mainstream writers can only be a real wealth added to what is chosen only because it is considered salable.

Here, in fact, there are multiple converging discourses . If on the one hand there is an economic discourse in fact - that is, the fact that the owners of the market are certainly not willing to leave their little garden to those who really write the books - on the other, there is always the much vaunted caesura linked to the true or presumed quality of the work , as a watershed to divide who can or cannot achieve literary dignity, and enter the main door of the publishing world, and who does not.

I believe that here, in the world of self-publishing , the nuances are really many, and there really is a little bit of everything inside. Within the space left free by the richest or most famous publishing houses, the most aberrant mercenary realities find their place. In this sense, the independent writer (meaning by this term the largest category imaginable) who self-publishes himself, and above all novice, and without a large following, is simply beef. Thus becoming the right meal , for the survival of those slightly faulty publishing houses, within today's literary savannah.

      But perhaps there could be a different reality, I like to imagine. I imagine then physical or digital places, where writers can be protagonists and not gregarious, both as regards the contents, both as regards the earnings, which are often really narrow for writers. I am thinking here above all of the aforementioned mercenary publishing houses that when they contact you, do nothing but praise your work, and then propose publishing contracts that are not really at all. And they are not especially because their client is not the final reader as one would expect, but the writer himself, to look good. The writer, or who would really like to be so , comes to say, is more or less obliged to purchase various quantities of copies of his work, on conditions mostly not as advantageous as they would like to make appear. There is more, however, these same publishing houses, even when sales are made, almost all the cover price is held at the end.

The question then arises spontaneously: because of what masochistic instinct should a writer be reduced to that?

The answer in which case, of course, lies in the question.

Writing in my opinion is not a way to make money or get rich, but if ever the answer to an irrepressible need inherent in our way of belonging to the human race. I think, act, and write, paint, play, represent myself and what surrounds me. My life. I represent what I have experienced, what I have and what I miss and want. In other words, I interpret my sensory surroundings, what I observe with my personal lens, or if necessary I detach light years from this reality, setting my story in an intangible and unreal world, or improbable, in search of that distance - perhaps in some ways necessary or rewarding - but which in the end does not stop telling us about that place from which we detach ourselves.

A physical and intimate place ,

like our life .


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