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   Glenys and the Spherical Balance of Time























Glenys & the Spherical Balance of Time

Ivery Williams *


Cover image: © Serena Zen

Acrylic on canvas cardboard

* Pseudonym not registered


  ISBN 979-12-200-4036-5

Copyright © 2019 Daniele Butturini

All rights reserved to the author

No part of this book

can be reproduced without the estimate

consent of the author

Book printed at the Consortium

Artisan LVG Srl of Azzate (Va)

Glenys e l'Equilibrio Sferico del Tempo

Illuminated by the night light, the army of shadows moved towards the Sottocorno, while the administrators of the kingdom, marking the infringement report, set in motion the complex defense mechanism. When the balance of forces was unjustifiably broken, the administrators had the task of restoring it, but this time something seemed to prevent the return to normal.

«Without one of the three degrees, the spherical balance loses the sense of its space, and the void, where it was established that it was, loses its stable seat over time. Thus to Clypso, the small pier sent by Martin, he heard the elder of the Great Council gathered in private session and everything that would later happen began.

Under the slopes of the Sottocorno, Cloelius, the elder of the Grand Council stopped absent in front of the battlefield still empty, while the wind began to blow. With him the administrators of the kingdom had gathered in front of the monolith camp. The decomposed equilibrium could now be seen reflected in the large stone construction. The elder always knew that that moment would come and so he started doing what he had always been prepared to do. He took the key from his neck and turned to the administrators, waiting to receive the homologous keys to his. Together the three keys made up the symbol of Durrow's spiral. The elder thus placed the spiral in a stone imprint in the monolith. For a moment nothing happened, then the earth began to tremble beneath them, while the entire stone structure hoisted itself upwards. The buried city emerged from under their feet, while a light came from the sky, covered until a few moments before. The high walls now appeared as the last bulwark to defend the Free Lands of Hera. Everything would have been decided on that field, or so they imagined it would happen. (...)

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