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This section is actually a "work in progress", but we want to offer it as an aid to all those who are now approaching the world of writing for the first time, and therefore need to compare what they have written. A comparison that does not include a professional evaluation, with absolute parameters, classifications, or a commented technical sheet. This becomes very important especially at the beginning, when it is difficult to have completely "honest" opinions, asking friends and relatives, who for obvious reasons, will hardly ever tell us that what we wrote "sucks" or not. This mode can also occur by simply reading a selection of the text created. Usually, in fact, in the first ten pages of a text, you can already have a relative idea of ​​what we are reading.







If, on the other hand, you are interested in creating a text from scratch from start to finish, you can evaluate the possibility of creating a personalized text.


Indicative Type: Short Novel.

No Essays.




For any needs regarding what is proposed, you can send an e-mail specifying what you require. See item Contacts .


The Writer's Whisper


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