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                     We are at the beginning, but here we are!

Drops Of Light_Daniele Butturini
Glenys e l'Equilibrio Sferico del Tempo

On the site there is a dedicated section where you can read the first pages and the possibility to download the pdf version for free . The paper version can be booked at various libraries, including: Varese, Malnate, Venegono Inferiore, Gavirate.

To download the pdf, you can click here, and you will be redirected directly to the download page.

Or you can buy it directly, by requesting it at the dedicated e-mail of the site, in the contact section.

Cover price: 8.50 Euros

Shipping cost: 3 Euros

Pochi Passi Verso il Buio - Copertina.JP


Drops Of Light - Daniele Butturini
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